Mamie Gâteaux, redux. Here we have a honey lemonade and a salad with ham, roasted tomatoes, pine nuts, tapenade, and some lettuce thrown in for fun. Of course, lunch is not to be enjoyed without dessert. In this case, I delighted in a raspberry apple crumble. At this rate, my epitaph is going to read, "indulged in all."

On that note, I should get back to cover-letter-writing (sigh) and packing for a brief trip to La Rochelle. I'm looking forward to the harbor of sailboats, a trip to an oyster farm, the aquarium, and last, but certainly not least, one of Europe's oldest lighthouses. I grimace to even mention that it will be my birthday. Apparently, April 10th was a day of many shipwrecks, declarations of revolution, and tropical storms. On a lighter or perhaps more morbid note, I share this day with Max Von Sydow's birth (I was very pleased to discover this a few years ago) and Khalil Gibran's death. Actually quite a few noble champs died on this day. Cheers to those honorable gents and dames!


  1. The first photo could make anyone hungry. The ham looks especially great.

  2. I've just recently found your blog and quite enjoy it. Also, looks like we share a birthday too! Happy day to you this coming Saturday.

  3. as always, i revere your photos, and enjoy your snippets on life. the oldest lighthouse in europe? do snap a photo for me will you?!