I will never forget this day. Nothing exceptional happened. I woke up and took a train to the Sea of Japan. Hiked, had a giant barbecue of sea critters found that day, played a game of breaking open watermelons blindfolded with tiny children, saw a fox in the forest, climbed to the top of a lighthouse (beginning bouts of vertigo), ate too much green tea ice cream, wanderedwanderedwandered, and finished the night with another barbecue back in Tokyo. To say nothing exceptional happened is a lie. Sometimes the presence of some one or some thing in some place transforms our ways of looking at a simple situation. Nearly six years later, my memories remain incredibly dear to me. I suppose this thing here, is my way of ensuring that I won't forget.

Goodnight dears, wherever you are.


  1. Hi M,
    I too have a similar memory. There are days from my year in Japan that are engraved into my memory. Just the simple everyday days. They made me feel like I was living, not just visiting. They sometimes bring tears to my eyes, and I am grateful for them.


    ps. I really enjoy your posts. I came across them accidentally when I was looking for places to see in Paris. Keep writing.

  2. So beautiful! Sounds like an enchanting adventure. Love your blog, it's so inspirational and heartfelt. Please feel free to check out my blog, thanks :)

  3. i really enjoy what you've written. there's always something so inspirational, sincere, and beautiful to read here.