This man here is a sheer delight! Aaron Keim appears to be from strong sturdy roots. I found him one fateful hour while searching for clawhammering ukulele tips. Naturally, he works at a folk music store in Colorado and spends his hours building banjos, ukuleles, banjoleles, and other wonderful instruments from salvaged early twentieth century materials. God bless every banjo-playing-bearded southern boy (the only type worth swoonin' over) and all of their American-bred spirit and undeniable talent! I also think that he appears to be a very good egg, as the darlin' Rebecca of Septembear has coined!


  1. Banjos and ukuleles and the like don't get enough appreciation these days!
    I'm sure you've heard of her but I'm going to mention her, anyway: Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys. They're fantastic. If you haven't heard of her, I think you should look her up because it seems the kind of music you would like.

  2. Agreed! Yes, Janet Klein is wonderful! I've heard that she haunts my local ukulele club but I have yet to see her! I'll let you know if I do! :D