Oh Elizabeth Cotten. This woman is good for the soul. As long as I live, I will always always remember snowy winter nights spent drinking pots and pots of T.'s  grandmother's tea in her apartment, climbing into plaid flannel pajamas, turning all the lights off while every patron saint candle glows, listening to old radio shows, and dreaming about banjos and forest cabins and gypsy bands and wishin' we could've been Nicholas Ray's teaching assistant like Mister Jarmusch. Ms. Cotten always reminds me that friends are just as good for the soul as she is.


  1. hello!

    i think this lady's lovely! i've never heard of her, but i simply fell in love with the song she played in the second vid.

  2. oh I'm glad! her music certainly tugs right at the core of things! :)

  3. Whatta gal! Thanks for posting these!!