Lately I've noticed the heavy bags weighing down a particular pair of brown eyes, the way my hands shake when I enter a particular place (quickly losin' my cool), the manner in which all children feel entitled to sprinkles, questionable shoes on decidedly dashing chaps, and how cruising around in Brooklyn to the Shirelles after watching Mad Men at Sheep Station trumps all else.


  1. you always have a way with words which magically transports me to your wonderful and dreamy world. so glad i found your little home one the web. i'm always looking forward to your photographs + words.

  2. I totally agree with Anabella up there, except this is probably only the second post I've read on your blog. I'm a newcomer to A Clock without Hands, but this is amazing, and I've loved everything I've seen so far. Magical, magical. I love magical worlds :). Thank you!

    teri at tintedseaglass.blogspot.com

  3. Oh, I would give anything to be cruising around Brooklyn. Wonderfully evocative images.

  4. Love that first photograph.
    Just discovered your blog, it's got such a lovely feel.