It's easy to say very little by saying a lot. For instance, I've spent all day in bed curled on my side, drinking ginger ale, reading Paris Review interviews, watching 60s beach flicks, and blowing my nose. The evening has advanced like sludge: slowly. I adopted a few of Joan Didion's thoughts very early this morning and later forgot that they did not originate with me. I respond immediately to displaced Californians. The sun, Didion observes, settles differently in the East. In California, it explodes in slow sun bursts. In New York, night simply falls. I wish I could express the deepness of my fixation with light. Last week I visited Yves Klein's International Blue after hearing that the Pompidou had removed the glass shell. It was the warmest Thursday I had experienced in months. The security guard was a young man dressed in light grey. He looked slightly bored, slightly eager. The last time I had visited the fifth floor I saw a man walk into a bench and fall face first. I watched strangers and employees walk up to him and later jokingly tease him. Unfortunately since, the benches have been removed and I found myself standing in front of IKB for twenty minutes before my intoxication wore off as a result of fatigue. All of this babble has only furthered my procrastination of packing for a trip that has been rather crippled by the volcanic ash currently littering the sky. My voyage to Budapest and Vienna remains unseen, so I'll bid this my possible, potential adieu!


  1. I saw IKB at the Pompidou the first time when I was 14 or 15 on a trip to Paris with my family. I still remember standing transfixed in front of it for several minutes thinking that it was the most beautiful colour I had ever seen.

    I stumbled upon your blog recently - it's really lovely!

  2. Both the day in bed and at the exhibit sound lovely. Just like your blog!


  3. did you take those pictures? i was wondering if i could use this beach in one of my works. it´s not comercial stuff, just for fun! you can see in www.flickr.com/papofirme
    let me know if that´s ok!
    (great blog by the way)

  4. The second to last photo, of the beach, is simply breath taking! Wow!

    Dress Rehearsal

  5. What a nice blog!!!!

    love it! love it!

  6. Such a beautiful post. Your writing is absolutely impeccable.

    It's so crazy that you are going to Budapest and Vienna! I was trying to fly home from Cairo earlier this week, but my flight was canceled due to the volcanic ash. So i had to fly to Budapest. And now I am in Vienna. I will be here for another three days and then to Paris for two days. Incredible, the world and its parallel plans. :)

    Hope you are able to get to Vienna and Budapest soon! I might eat all of the food before you get here though.

    Natalie xo

  7. Hi,I had add you as one of my favourites.
    Great pics!


  8. your pictures and words are always a breath of fresh air for me. thank you!

  9. simple, elogent snapshot of your days - both in words and in pictures.

    Always enjoyable to view!

    Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

  10. Oh, oh, oh, this is so wonderful. Your writing, your images. California, Joan Didion, evening light.

    And I studied abroad in La Rochelle - thanks for bringing it back

  11. great set
    exposure lighting...focus