All day I have had a string of sentences from The Sound and the Fury running through my head. Caddy opening gates and buttoning coats. I remember reading this book one week during the Indian Summer of 2004 or so. That summer, I nursed raspberry lemonades all day every day before walking to the field across the street at the golden hour of the afternoon to read in the reeds. Kicking off my shoes and falling into the fresh dew of grass. I'd read until the sprinklers came on again before tucking my book into a safe place and running home through the cool spray, feet slapping on warm cement all the way home. I can't remember where I read it, but I came across something I really liked this week. I only vaguely remember a woman advocating young folk (tots and kiddos) to read in mass quantities from as early an age as possible. I couldn't agree more. Most good things come from habit and I think this is especially true of literature. A few weeks ago in my reading for a class I got really excited by the words Sapere Aude! Dare to know! I remember getting a book of Kant's essays for my thirteenth birthday from the boy I had a crush on, but I had forgotten those words. Incredibly important words that should never be forgotten! These words deserve to be tattooed, cross-stitched, carved into trees! I was reminded of all of this today upon seeing a beat up copy of Absalom, Absalom! in a used librarie this afternoon. I suppose some words just stick with you.

"Caddy smelled like leaves."

"Caddy smelled like trees and like when she says we were asleep."


  1. i love that book / faulkner is amazing

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. Books stay with you. Reading stories when you're young, they become part of you, part of who you are.


  3. This was so beautiful and made me feel good!


  4. i love your writing. beautiful, like your soul-stitched quote.

  5. Beautiful writing and gorgeous photographs too. xxx