Françoise Sagan. It should be obvious why I read her books, no? And I'm not even sharing my favorite photographs of her zipping away in her beloved Astor Martin or Jaguar (the mere mention of a Jag XK 140 makes my ears prick up and my mouth water). Any woman who spends her first novel's check on a delicious sports car is more than okay in my book. I should be choosing my words carefully tonight, but instead I am sucking on apricots in my plaid flannel pajamas, listening to All Things Must Pass (this is my jam), trying to decide what I will wear to this and my dear's shipwreck Titanic themed birthday party. I have the weighty choice between dressing as first class or steerage. Hoom hum as those dear Ents say.

Ever since I went to Carnegie Hall to listen to Liszt & Schubert this Friday past, I have been decadently overdressed. At first, I felt sheepish taking off my coat to see everyone in the balcony draped in cotton and blue jeans. During the intermission, I snuck down to the parquet and felt less out of place as elegant men held their hats to their breast and the woman glanced searchingly into the depths of their glasses of champagne. Alas, I had to return to my seat with my bubbly ginger ale in hand and lack of opera glasses in the other. I suppose if I truly wanted to restore old-world elegance to Carnegie's good name, I would have had the forbearance to bring opera glasses or a monocle. Foiled, yet again!


  1. Oh I absolutely love her. One of her quotes has inspired me to write a novel. Such an amazing, wild, mad life she had!

    And I think that everyone should dress up when they go to the theater. It is always more fun that way. :)

    Natalie xx
    (aka The Cottage in the Woods)

  2. O my goodness. Firstly, whatta hunka burning love that car is!

    Secondly, the last time I went to the opera, with my last-row-before-standing-room seats, I was so ridiculously overdressed: gown, heels, opera coat, the works. I did feel so silly for a while, but you know what? People should dress up for these things!!! What a world.

  3. You are just opening my eyes and brain to such wonderful things! I can't remember how I came across your blog those weeks ago, but I can't tell you how glad I am that I have.

    I find myself taking notes of the movies and books and things! you mention here. You are adorable and well-written and such an inspiration.

    I'm Jasmine, by the way. Nice to meet you.

  4. Aww that's a shame. I still think it's better to be overdressed than underdressed :) If you went to see the Philadelphia Orchestra at the Kimmel Center for this Rachmaninoff concert I saw last winter, you wouldn't feel so out of place. There were many people with fur coats and they were extravagantly dressed (with much decadence). I want to see a classical concert at Carnegie Hall some time. How is that venue...nice comfortable seats?

  5. love francoise. great photos
    and i think everyone should dress up more often -- it doesn't happen enough

  6. Gorgeous! She really is!
    Nice Blog..hey check out mines http://betsy-haier.blogspot.com ..and if you like it follow me...thanks

  7. Titanic themed birthday party??? Amazing.

  8. I love your blog. I've nominated it for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Best!

  9. women writers are perhaps the wildest characters in history. bucking the system, taking on a male-dominated industry and weaving words that still sting and soar to this day.

    i love it, thank you for sharing.

  10. dear marcine,
    i just wanted to write to let you know that i really love your site!!


  11. Beautiful photos! I love Francoise Sagan

  12. this is a very nice and wonderful blog!! just found it by accident, and I'll come back! great pictures, esp.the ones of yourself. smilla