I am slightly appalled by the fact that I thought it was ten o'clock at four in the afternoon. The lack of sun is ruining my life. Or at least my chances of ever getting out of bed.

I am still gushing from watching Hello, Dolly! earlier. I have distinct memories of watching Babs inch her way into Walter Matthau's heart throughout my childhood with my mom. As I've inched away from my childhood, I find myself taking remnants with me. Namely my love for all things Matthau and as silly as it may be (I daresay only to those who have yet to witness Barbra's dynamic on-screen personality), every single Streisand film. For the hesitant, I strongly advocate a viewing of Kazan's A Face in the Crowd, the cheeky Cactus Rose, The Way We Were (Sydney Pollack might lend the film some credibility if you are truly wary!), and quite obviously Hello, Dolly! I could add others, but I'm still a bit sheepish about my love for Babs.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I think Hello, Dolly! is the only Barbara films I've seen! I love it, though. I just recently re-watched it after not having seen it for years. I picked it up at a Salvos store for 4$. I couldn't believe someone would want to get rid of it!!
    -Andi x

  2. omg, i wouldn't be able to bear a lack of sun. i get depressed if we have more than one day of rain.. i couldn't imagine lots of darkness. :[

    i love hello, dolly! so much! our school is doing a 60s musical performance in jan., and we're performing a bunch of songs from it. :]

  3. wow! Congrats on your new job in Paris :) How exciting! I know how hard the grant application process can be, but so gratifying when your labors bear fruit!

  4. i love the way we were. babs is awesome and robert redford is a fox in that film. i haven't seen hello dolly, i'll have to rent it.

  5. amazing shooz! ill have to look into hello dolly...

  6. Such darling shoes!I've noticed how ridiculously dark it's been getting. It seems like day light savings works less and less each year.:(