Before I go completely mad...

I feel behind on my own life. To rewind a few days or two, here are a handful of photographs I took whilst hanging out with my dear pal Keith (whose documentation of our day surely beats mine). We started at the Garage flea (my weekend haunt), waltzed through Muji (my weekly haunt), grabbed sandwiches, attempted to do work at Ost (my daily haunt), wandered into Obscura (a favorite haunt), and sat down/collapsed to a hearty meal at Birdies (R.I.P.). Just remembering what we did took all of my energy.

Goodnight dear ones. Don't forget to take your vitamins! I did and now I am drowning in hot broth, DayQuil, and a few gallons of orange juice.


  1. I really have been trying to stay on top of my vitamins. I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

  2. awww I hope you're feeling better! At least you seem to have an awesome buddy to do awesome things with to make your sicky days feel a little less awful! :D

  3. That sounds like a fun few days! :} I hope you feeel better! And eat your oranges, it's much better for you!

    I am under the weather myself. Temperatures are fluctuating like crazyyyy.

  4. get well soon!
    I just checked out Keith's Blog post and your outfits are so adorable :)

  5. Where is that in the second photo! Magical place on earth.

    One can never have too much Muji :]

  6. wow! that store with all the plants looks amazing!