Remedies for the weekday blues:
1) John Ashbery's book party tomorrow night
2) Living with just about the sweetest girl in the world (that runs out in the middle of the night to buy chocolate chips so we can bake our blues away)
3) I don't think I'll need to explain this one: Trevor Howard
4) Pooling together pocket change to buy my weekly glass bottle of milk from the farmers market
5) Practicing finger waves in anticipation of the Jazz Age Lawn Party this Sunday
6) Spending afternoons in McNally Jackson
7) Dreaming of Van Leeuwen's earl grey tea ice cream sandwiches
8) Fresh laundry (if you don't have the time for it, I at least suggest smelling like it!)
9) Making time to sit in public gardens
10) Searching for an endangered language in the city for Bob Holman (and still searching, might I add!)


  1. Aw, all those small details and events sound so exciting and peaceful.

  2. Your life sounds so magical! I wish I had a Jazz Age Lawn Party I could attend :)

  3. roomie who runs out mid night to buy chocolate chips = sweetest! :D

  4. Ahh, I've always wanted to go to the Jazz Age Lawn Party! Hopefully next year!