Perhaps it's a combination of things, but I've never felt so glad to stroll through the farmers market, humming Donovan, tucking a baguette into my bag, fishing for the perfect tomatoes, and at times catching a drift of sunflowers and basil in the air. Despite my sleepy state (I dread red eye flights), I moseyed over to my friend's apartment where we made bruschetta and white wine soaked broccoli for dinner. I don't think anything makes me happier than cooking and baking with my closest friends (I am now hopelessly devoted to lemon pepper). Drinking mint lemonade on rooftops and singing Woody Guthrie songs together is a pretty close second.

Goodnight world!


  1. I think I might bookmark this post because all the things you mentioned about the farmer's market and the mint lemonade sent me off into a daydream! :)

  2. Oh everything you just wrote sounds so lovely and almost unreal! I love the illustrations too as I love vintage botanical drawings!!

  3. my friend and i once had a conversation over a botanical drawings exhibit about the very nature of botanical drawings. we loved that the plants floated in the ether, unattached and unadorned, drawn from life to reflect their true appearance. the beauty was simple, it was real. the drawings were not made for beauty, but for science.

    this quickly digressed into a discussion about classroom biology and the reformation of the public school system.

  4. i just found your blog and i love it! i love all your little projects and ramblings! so excited to continue looking!

  5. Humming Donovan and Woody Guthrie...that is wonderful. Makes me happy. Beautiful blog, friend.

  6. Your world is truly enchanting, dear.
    You have a lovely way of turning the looked over events in life into refreshing and necessary activities. I think I'll have to slow down and actually take in the farmer's market the next time I'm so keen to rush through it!


  7. Oh dear, oh dear...talk about the dreamiest of dreamy things to do! My favorite kinda days!