Today has been a good day to slow down and breathe deeply. It's been an exceptionally good week on all fronts and I can't believe I still have so many things to look forward to.

So far, I've gulped down a cup of iced tea or two, read more than I should have for class (I am so thankful for curiosity), strolled through the Brooklyn Book Festival, laughed in the laundromat with two dears, ran into just about everyone I know (yay Robyn!), baked banana bread with N., and really considered myself the luckiest girl after my friends stuffed me with homemade bread, pork chops, and panzanella. Despite all of the bug bites, perspiration, and bandaids I've endured, it's been a wonderful day!


  1. ooh are those wallpapers you're choosing? and those cookies look deelish!
    hope the downtime with friends keeps coming! :)

  2. What wallpaper book is that? I am lusting as we speak.

  3. A book FESTIVAL? *hyperventilate* I should find some way to get to New York soon. Or to any big city for that matter.
    Did you get that wallpaper book there? It is so beautiful!
    Well, I will have my own little version of a book festival here, soon, a book flea market :)

  4. ooooh wallpaper!

    i was thinking that maybe in the future, when the economy turns around, i will own a boutique wallpaper shop. we would sell custom-made, organic fibers in vintage and contemporary designs. wallpaper hasn't made an appearance in a while, and i think its time.

  5. aaaahhhhh those patterns are amazing!!!! what wallpaper book is that?

  6. It sounds like a lovely day!
    I wish I didn't have so much school work.
    I would have loved to wonder through the book festival!


  7. oh my gosh, the hotel that i stayed at in paris was right next to a truly amazing wallpaper store and i swear they had that exact wallpaper, the one in the second picture from the top, on the left hand side! and it was exquisite!