I am feeling quite ambitious today. I'm planning on making raspberry popsicles, quiche lorraine for supper, mint lemonade, and if I have time (which I probably won't), I'd like to try my hand at lavender tea bread. Here's to trying!

Here's some of my estate sale loot from this mornin':

Book inscriptions melt my heart more than anything!

I've never seen such a fine copy of A Tale of Two Cities, even though I have a paperback kicking around somewhere on my bookshelves. How could I resist?

And many many postcards and photographs! I was hoping to find some antique stationary, but I'll be back to the flea markets soon enough. I also bought some old spools and a tiny little celluloid deer. Now I'm kicking myself for not buying that box of alphabet letters! I'm sure I'll be able to slowly find the letters of my name soon enough. Though that "E" was pretty darn wonderful...


  1. Grandma handwriting from 1909!!!!!

  2. SO true about book inscriptions. these are all wonderful finds!

  3. aww and it's from Grandmother!! That's perfect!
    I don't know why, but I love the "N" in those alphabet letters!

  4. Mmmm... mint lemonade.

    Your blog is so charming it makes me smile. I too have started collecting antique books, most of them are from my grandpa.

  5. I love alphabet blocks and the older and more scuffed and faded the better! Milla sent me some that spell out "MISSA" I have them sitting on my desk :)

    Beautiful finds and those raspberry pops sound deeelish!

  6. Oh, could you tell me whether the popsicles tasted good?! I think I should have all the ingredients at home but I am not the biggest fan of plain honey taste :)

    The books are so lovely! I love finding little inscriptions or bookmarks (aka. newspaper articles/postcards) in books!

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  8. gorgeous finds! i love the hairstyles of the girlies in the last photo! i am wishing for my hair to grow so i can at least work a cute 20s 'do!

  9. All such wonderful finds! I love antique books!!!

  10. Manja, the popsicles were gorgeous but wayyyyyy too tart! I think they would've been much better if I had used vanilla yogurt or added more honey. I hope that helps!

    Thank you everyone, I'm glad we can all agree that book inscriptions are truly wonderful!

    & Ginny, aren't they just perfect? makes me wish my hair had more wave to it!

  11. I love your blog...this is the first time I've visited. Do you mind if I ask how you get your pictures to come up that big? I'll be following now!