On the horizon:

Symphonies, beach trips, lawn parties and picnics, open mic nights at the folk music centre, sweater weather, one beautiful banjolele from the twenties, teaching myself calligraphy, moving into the MoMA for a week of Roy Andersson (honest to goodness their September programming blows me away every year; last year it was Dreyer, Reygadas, and Tarr, and the year before loads of von Sternberg), flea markets, Seinfeld reunion on Curb, NYFF, an excellent season of the Wordless Music Series, an evening with Leonard Cohen, farmers markets, spending afternoons in my favorite bookstores, readings at the KGB, John Ashbery in December (please pinch me, I'm dreaming!), wonderful classes, wonderful friends, wonderful everything!

Is there any other life better than this one?


  1. I want to tell you that i enjoy your posts and that I am seeing Leonard Cohen in Philly and I am very excited. I feel like a dork now.


  2. Thanks :D

    I am so unbelievably excited to see Leonard! I was too late in the ticket-buying the other two times he was in New York so I woke up extra early this time! Hurray!

  3. Your NYC autumn should be divine, if all these plans come to fruition! I can't wait to be in that city as well, less than a full year left!


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  5. you take the most wonderful photos of foods, always making me hungry! even just jam on a cracker becomes so interesting and full of texture. life sure is fantastic lately!

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