endless good things:

sun tea, baking strawberry rhubarb pie from scratch for my pop today because he used to carry a pinch of sugar in his pocket to sprinkle onto the fresh rhubarb he would "pinch" from a garden on his way to school as a kid, converting permanently to fountain pens as my weapon of choice, spending hours holed up in my second favorite used bookstore, hosting a "hooray for hulot" tati marathon in the comfort of my bed of quilts, always ordering french dip sandwiches in loving memory of my great grand-pop (the "colonel") who ate one every day for decades, reuniting with old dear friends in familiar places, loading up on fresh fruit and old fashioned watermelon drops from the local farmers market, liking airports more than airplanes, and spending hours upon hours watching lost (I admit it, I'm hooked!)


  1. Sounds like a great Sunday! Strawberry Rhubarb Pie - that sounds delicious, as does the sandwich :) Used bookstores are the best places to be - ever.

  2. Right on with the fountain pens!