ebay auctions I have recently lost (aka reasons ebay is breaking my heart):

I really had my heart set on this gorgeous 1930s feed sack dress. Of course, after days of constantly watching the bid stay low, there was an awful bidding war in the last fifty seconds, shooting the final bid up to seventy dollars! I was so hoping I'd win this to wear to the Jazz Age picnic come September (I'm planning on going on both days, thus requiring two special dresses), but perhaps the best is yet to come. Or at least, I'm trying to convince myself!

I fell in love with this dress too, but I knew once there were two days left and the bid was already eighty-five dollars, I had to let go and set my heart on something else. It's a real beauty though and went for a whole lotta clams!

And then, of course, these pale pink satin shoes from the 30s that I lost from my grasp in the last few seconds (I live for the ebay rush, what can I say)! Oh what a pair we would've been!


  1. I'm always such a sucker for t-straps! PS Check out my contest-- win an iPod shuffle! http://spandexpony.blogspot.com/2009/06/give-it-away-give-it-away-give-it-away.html

    Keep up the excellent (and esoteric) blogging!

  2. oh gosh, I lost a pair of boots on ebay last week that I think will haunt me forever.

    I personally don't enjoy the ebay rush, it makes me a big ball of nerves. A necessary evil, I guess.

  3. aww i love the first dress! i can't cope with the panic of ebay bidding rushes though, so i usually don't bother trying to bid on vintage things because they always go for loads lately. etsy all the way!